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Living Reel is an ‘Experience Discovery Platform’ made for film, TV show and video game fans. We are a company which helps people find and manage experiences, holidays & events, which allow them to enjoy the films, TV shows and video games they love, in new and creative ways. Example: If you are a fan of a major film, TV show or video game franchise (e.g. Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Cyberpunk, etc…) you’ll be able to find and manage a number of amazing related experiences on our website. These experiences can include; themed cocktail bars, themed restaurants, immersive parties, unique screenings, studio & location tours, concerts of soundtracks, themed holidays, themed corporate group activities, conventions, etc… 


Unfortunately for most fans across the world, they remain completely unaware of the volume, and variety of experiences relevant for them. These experiences help bring fans emotionally closer to the franchises they love. Therefore there is a real incentive to better help connect fans, across the world, to these experiences. Ultimately fans rely on poorly run fan-dedicated sites or event-based sites/apps. These aren’t built for fan’s needs, lack the true volume of selection available, and offer a poor user experience.  


We’re building an online platform that allows fans to easily find and stay notified of relevant experiences. We are also looking to help enhance the experiences for fans by providing deals & discounts, supplementary goods, travel and accommodation that would make the experience they choose to attend even better. Our business model is based on the commission from sales of each of these purchases. Therefore, we make money, when we give fans what inspires them.


Whilst working in our jobs at a very well known entertainment company, we saw the scale of this opportunity and the growth of demand for the ‘experience economy’. We also saw the frustration and inefficiency in the current consumer journey for film and TV show fans across the world. We created an MVP that made it more efficient for fans to find these franchise-related experiences. We did this simply by listing a number of experiences and creating a basic user-interface that was focused around the franchises people loved e.g. Star Wars, James Bond, etc… Our current MVP (what you see today), has a basic design and our UX needs much improvement, but despite this, our concept alone has proven to be attractive for fans. Within 1 month we’ve managed to sell £1000’s worth of tickets for one event alone. Across the space of 4 months, our unique visitor rate is growing organically at an average of 74% month on month, and retention rate is at around 10-20% (decent considering the improvements we aim to implement). We believe that with the introduction of new features, improvements in UX and design, and greater efforts in marketing ourselves, we’d be able to not only improve our metrics and user base substantially, but create a revenue model that would allow the company to grow.

We are now looking for investors, who will be willing to join us during this early stage.

Every day more content (via Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc..) is developed and delivered to people globally. Thus, creating more fans who are eager to engage with their favourite franchises in new and creative ways. Ultimately, we want to be the first port of call (across the world), whenever fans are eager to find out what ways they can engage with a new franchise. If you wish to be part of our journey to accomplish this goal, and deliver fans a service they deserve, please get in touch.